Review of Friser Blanding (Nr. 42)

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Half-litre pot at home, made from a blend of seven different strong and flavourful black teas (the company does not specify which ones, but repeats it trice in the description of the tea that the teas are strong; hm...). Pours clear copper brown (against white china) with no sediment. Clear, malty aroma of Assam, with very mild touches of some more herbal varieties, but still potent ones (I don't suppose there is any Darjeeling here). Bitter, leafy flavour of Assam, with malty notes and mild herbal hints. A rather smooth palate to start with, but it quickly gives way to astringent notes - as could be expected - with leafy touches. This is my very first (conscious) experience of East Frisian Tea. I like it a lot, although somehow I still find Ban Lien or Yunnan richer in taste. Definitely a fair price (37 DKK per 100 g).

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12 g / l; 100 C; 6 min.

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