Review of Prince Charles Blend Tea Bags

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Prince Charles isn't among most heavily advertised teas in the large assortment Murchie's carries, but maybe it should be. It was, according to the website, "originally blended in 1981 to commemorate the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana." Good thing this tea long outlasted that marriage!

The dry bag gave a sharp yet deep tea scent, but not obviously definitive to any place of origin. In cup and sniffing through the wet bag, that translated to a moist, but not musty, version of the same aroma. Either this is masterfully blended to balance the disparate components (Ceylon, Darjeeling, Keemun, and Assam) well, or I'm just not talented enough a tea taster to tease out a dominant voice of one of those in particular.

That said, I wasn't the least surprised to see Assam listed; the brew turns dark quickly, and has just enough of the malty, and faintly fruity characteristics to give that away. It also has some natural sweetness that makes a sweetened version not quite dessert-like, but almost. The result is a sort of worldly and rich tea that has its own character, a sum of parts that's unique from each part. The tea is smooth yet muscular, with a clean and somewhat dry mouthfeel, a notable yet pleasant astringency that might come from the Darjeeling. It's a robust and satisfying taste that is not the least delicate nor passive. This is a fairly strong tea, as I like it, but doesn't leave much of an aftertaste.

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