Review of Decaffeinated Green Tea

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Quite simply, this is one of the worst teas I've tried. For starters, it has no dry-bag aroma at all. I suppose that's better than a noxious smell, since it's basically the scent of the teabag itself. Then the in-cup and wet-bag scents resembled a balanced blend of very faint green tea with wet paper. Something about the (likely poor) quality of the original tea, combined with what had to be a heavy-handed, industrial-scale decaffeination process, rendered such a stripped-down odor.

Fellow Southerners: daydream back to halcyon days of childhood. If you went to a warm summertime lake with friends, checked for gators and water moccasins, saw none, and thus swam there, then accidentally ingested some lake water, that resembles this tea. What flavor it has is somewhat algal, muddy, and metallic-sandy in character. Since I sweeten tea before drinking, I now know what sweetened, summertime, Southern lake water tastes like. Hard pass. I didn't finish the cup. For me, that's rare. I recommend others not start sipping a cup of this tea in the first place.

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