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A Flavored Black Tea from Ineeka - O Organic

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This is an interesting blend as the addition of calendula (pot marigold) flowers is subtle and, at least as I perceive it, only slightly tweaks, rather than characterizes, this blend. The flower is well-chosen: it blends seamlessly with the base tea, and it's really impossible for me to say where the tea ends and calendula begins.

The base tea has a notable high-grown character, which people who enjoy high-grown black teas will appreciate. Although it's very light, this tea had less greener character than most other Darjeelings. Normally this type of aroma suggests a sharpness in the flavor, but upon drinking the cup this is almost completely absent.

Although this is a pleasingly aromatic tea, I would hardly say it is bursting with flavor--I found the flavor to be very subdued. This tea is mostly aroma, and although it is darker in color, it borders on thin-bodied, with very little bitterness, sweetness, or sourness.

This is the second tea I've tried from Ineeka...so far the company continues to deliver innovative teas, unlike anything I've tried before, and subtle. But I still think this one is solidly on the expensive side.

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