Tea: Purely Peppermint

A Peppermint Tea from Teekanne

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Style:Peppermint Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Purely Peppermint

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The version I have simply is called "Peppermint" without the "Purely" or "Soothing" parts, though I have seen the white-box "Soothing" version in stores too. The ingredient in both simply is peppermint leaves. I don't know if it has been wholly renamed, or if this is just a relabeling of the same tea for different markets or audiences, as Teekanne commonly does. Either way, it's the same actual product.

Teekanne doesn't skimp on quantity or quality here. The dry bags already were 1/3 to 1/2 full, and swelled up very nicely when steeping. Finely chopped leaves emitted a lot of flavor and scent, both in the dry bag and in-cup, and rendered a darkly translucent brown-green liquid quickly. Given the potential for imported products like this to travel far and sit on a shelf for a long time, its fresh aroma and flavor were a peasant surprise. The taste is robust, in the upper quartile of peppermint teas I've had, with more body and sweetness than many. Even though the cost is higher than most domestic peppermint teas per bag, online but especially in the sort of German-food/world-market type stores that sell it retail, I won't dock "value" too severely because the quality is quite good, and boxes still contain 20 bags instead of 18 or 16. Despite the amount of flavor released into the brew, the squeezed wet bag still has a potent dose of minty aroma, both sharp and very pleasing to breathe through, akin to a tolerably faint version of the Vicks VapoRub some moms of us middle-aged people used to apply to us when we were sick kids.

One caution logistically: the bags aren't totally sealed on the top, on either side of the string, which appears to serve as a partial tie-shut mechanism as well as a way to handle the bag. The bag can swell open when wet and leak out a little if it lists over in-cup or is held on its side when handling. Great tea, somewhat thoughtless bagging...

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