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A Green Tea from Salada

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As with many inexpensive, bagged green teas, this didn't offer much dry-bag or in-cup aroma, but what there was had a pleasantly grassy to vegetal characteristic that carried over somewhat to the taste, which was quite mild with hints of celery. In that sense, if Salada removed the last "a" from their name, it wouldn't be far off. The best part of the experience here actually was at the finish and in the aftertaste, when the flavor seemed to concentrate itself well, and became somewhat fruity (after a notably flatter direct taste).

Neither the packaging nor the website state a specific origin of the tea; the web page only states that it is from, "the lush tea gardens of the Orient". That, along with the flavor, leads me to believe it's a mostly or entirely second-tier/castoff Chinese blend. I got this tea unopened, from a pantry at an estate sale, but the online price at their website, as of Feb. 2022, is $4.83/40 ct, or about 12¢ per bag pretax. For an inexpensive, everyday green tea, Salada isn't a bad choice—more than most store brands anyway—so I rated its value as good. However, one can find better-quality bagged green tea rather readily for only a few more coins.

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