Review of Steep by Bigelow Organic Dandelion & Peach Rooibos & Green

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The ingredients list rooibos first, so it can't be more than half green tea. The dry tea bag smells exactly like freeze-dried peaches and so does the tea while steeping.

The tea tastes like peach with a hint of earthiness from the rooibos and possibly the dandelion. If I concentrate, I can make out a bit of green tea in the finish. I really want there to be more to this, but the end result is just kind of dirty peach.

Bigelow's "steep" line isn't outrageously expensive, but it's more expensive than Bigelow's regular teas as well as competitors like Celestial Seasonings. I mention Celestial Seasonings because its "Country Peach Passion" has a similar peach flavor without the earthiness, which I find more refreshing. I suppose this might be another product for people that want green tea "health benefits," but don't like green tea. I don't know. To me, it's just a poor combination overall.

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