Tea: Light, Loose-leaf

A Yaupon from Cat Spring Yaupon Tea

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Brand:Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
Region:Texas, United States
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This is really great tea! I love that it's grown natively in the United States. It is full of flavor and very satisfying, and it doesn't go bitter even with a long steep time. In fact, partly because of the fairly long steep time of five minutes, I was expecting to only get one or two really good cups out of it -- but I easily got three. I'm not sure if the difference is between these are made from holly leaves rather than tea leaves, but the flavor infuses really well, even in contrast to looseleaf teas that I've tried.

Note: I did NOT use the entire packet, as suggested on the box. I only made enough for one cup at a time. I used about 1/4 of the pack and simply resealed it with a clip.

I'm looking forward to trying the medium and dark flavors!

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