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An Earl Grey Tea from Williamson Tea

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Brand:Williamson Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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The round, tagless tea bags are packed into a sealed mylar pouch, but aren't individually wrapped. The freshly opened pouch smells of bergamot, but isn't as fruity as Williamson's Duchess Grey. The bergamot has an aroma that is present in the Duchess Grey, but otherwise unique to Willamson. It's fruity, but almost has a berry-like note to it that I don't notice in other Earl Greys. The tea itself is CTC black tea from Kenya.

The tea and bergamot flavors are nicely balanced. The tea has a medium astringent, but is quite bitter. The maltiness isn't as heavy as in Assam teas, but can be tasted through the bergamot. The flavor isn't complex, but is nice.

I paid $4.99 at a TJ Maxx, which is slightly more than the $4.50 at Williamson's website, but without the international shipping. The price is comparable to other UK and Irish brands with which it favorably competes and Williamson has been easier to find locally. It's comparable in quality to Bigelow and Twinings, which are easier to find, but I prefer Williamson's stronger and more bitter flavor profile.

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