Review of Colombian Leafy Black Organic Tea

9 of 104 of 55 of 595 of 100

I've tried what I'm pretty sure is this same exact grade of tea from the same garden, but sold by Upton Tea Imports, a while back, and I loved it. I loved it this time too!

The brewed cup has a strong and complex aroma. It has a moderate toastiness to it, with notes of cocoa and strong notes of wintergreen, which I love. The flavor is naturally quite sweet, tasting as if honey has been added even when drinking it unsweetened, but there is enough astringency to give it body.

As when I sampled this tea before, I preferred brewing it more strongly, using more leaf, but using a shorter initial steep. I thought this batch resteeped better though than the first time I tried it.

I don't remember the exact price I bought this for before, but, accounting for the major inflation that has happened over these years (it was nearly 5 years ago), this price seems lower than what I remember paying for it so I'm giving a 5/5 for value. Very good tea at a very reasonable price.

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