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As with the remainder of this brand of US Foods teas, it's a food-service product not sold directly to the public, but still available in some hotels and motels. I got this at a Wingate by Wyndham motel in Frisco, TX, drinking some there and saving a couple others to try later.

The bag came in a sealed foil-paper pouch, so it held a nice dry-bag aroma that was vegetal: mildly grassy and a little reminiscent of celery or uncooked collards. The flavor was mellow but pleasant, not watered-down or tinny as a lot of store brands, food-service greens, or even Lipton can be. While not of utmost quality, it holds its own comparably against some of the common name-brand tea bags often used in catering and conference service, such as Stash, Tazo or Bigelow, and richer than Twinings.

Like many green teas, this one does get more bitter with steeping time beyond about 4 minutes, so beware that. Still, brewed for not quite as long, it held good flavor all afternoon and past sunset in a quality stainless-steel thermos, so that one can have the uncommon experience of drinking a pretty good, hot green tea hundreds of miles from the nearest source of it, or out in the wilderness camping that evening. Good thing bobcats, boars, bears, and Bigfoot don't seem to be attracted to steaming green tea, by the campfire, on a chilly night.

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