Tea: WuYi Mtn. Oolong Tea (Wuyi Oolong)

An Oolong Tea from Foojoy

Picture of WuYi Mtn. Oolong Tea (Wuyi Oolong)
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Wuyi, Fujian, China
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Review of WuYi Mtn. Oolong Tea (Wuyi Oolong)

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I bought a box of 25 tea bags in an Asian grocery store. The bags are individually sealed in foil and filled with finely chopped pieces of tea. Upon opening the foil pouch, the tea smells recognizably as a roasted oolong.

The brewed tea is unremarkable, but it tastes quite nice. It has a mild bitterness that is balanced and not overpowering. It's roasted without being smoky or burnt tasting. The finish is long and pleasant, tasting of caramel and nuts. It's a very easy to drink.

As a roasted oolong in a tea bag, it's good. It's better than brands like Bigelow at about the same price.

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