Tea: Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey

A Chamomile Blend from Pukka - O Organic

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My daughter-in-law served this at a gathering, and I found it to be a pleasant, smooth chamomile with nothing out of the ordinary, great nor bad. In dry-bag aroma, I could detect faint honey and vanilla. Oddly, both flavors vanished in the in-cup aroma and taste, so I sweetened with honey to bring one of them back.

Still, since chamomile is a common herb that varies little in quality natively, comparable-goodness teabags can be had readily for substantially less cost than Pukka boxes are sold at their usual stores (Sprouts, Whole Foods and the like). Get it on sale, sure, and gratefully accept a cup if offered...a good chamomile tea, but not worth more than the bulk of others out there.

[EDIT] After posting this review, I saw Brytta's from nine years ago. Astoundingly, we reached the same rating for basically the same reason. Since she is more of a tea expert than I, that was gratifying to see.

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