Tea: Organic Masala Chai Black Tea

A Chai / Spiced Tea from Wegmans - O Organic

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Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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Review of Organic Masala Chai Black Tea

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I really enjoy this tea! Disclaimer: I'm cleaning out my old tea cabinet and found this tea from 2014, so it is 10 years old now. Despite its old age this tea stayed very pleasant tasting, it was mellow and warm and comforting. The black tea itself mellowed out which I don't mind, and the spices like cardamon and cinnamon unfortunately did lose some of their aroma, hence the lower aroma rating. Because this tea isn't fresh I can't vouch for how aromatic a fresher batch would be but I would presume it would have been better if it was fresh. In terms of the value I think it is really good, the tea is very good and according to the package it was $30/lb which I'd estimate means 26 cents a cup, which is a very good price even back in 2014! Wegmans may not sell this anymore but they had sourced it from Rishi Tea and botanicals, it is still available on the Rishi website under "Masala Chai" it is now $43/lb in 2024 (about 37 cents a cup) which is still a great price for nowadays. It didn't resteep well, it was way to weak but again, this may have to do with the age.

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