Review of Organic Irish Breakfast Tea

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My review here is decidedly mixed. Since this isn't a bad tea, folks who are interested in the fair-trade/organic aspects may find this a good alternative to the relative dearth of such certifications among Irish Breakfast bagged teas. Being less refined, more of a troglodyte, I just want tea to taste good regardless of its ribbons and certificates. It does, but I can get better for what I paid.

The box was about $5/20 as an H-E-B store in Texas. Not bad in these inflationary days, but not great either. At least they still do 20 bags/box, which is getting uncommon in these shrinkflationary days! The tea has little aroma in the dry bag or cup, just a faint hint of the flavor, but an accurate one if you turn up the volume a lot. While not a strong tea at all, this blend is flavored quite similarly to other Irish Breakfasts I've had, somewhat bitter, a little malty, but mostly rather flat and plain. It's a decent, unpretentious tea, and certainly worth pouring down your gullet if offered. I'd give it a much higher value mark for about a buck less per box, to make it more competitive with bigger-brand teas of this ilk.

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