Review of Nilgiri Korakundah Estate - Organic FOP/FBOP

9 of 105 of 55 of 595 of 100

I absolutely love this tea! It's full bodied and aromatic. The aroma is bready (like most black teas smell to me) but also a bit fruity like raisins, and also Indian, like cardamon or something. The tea is perfect because I'm sensitive to astringency and it isn't too astringent, but it has just enough astringency to be thick and full bodied. The taste is just very pleasant and warming and I can taste that fruitiness as well. Looking at the website listed price, this is one of the cheapest teas I've seen yet! Unless the website is wrong, it looks like this tea is only $24.40/lb, whereas a lot of the other nice teas I've been trying are about 90-100/lb, so despite being much cheaper this tea tastes so wonderful and it an amazing value. Disclaimer: This is an older tea that was in my pantry so it's possible it has mellowed with age and it would've been stronger, possibly too strong, when it was fresh.

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