Tea: Orange Flavored Jasmine Green Tea

A Flavored Green Tea from Rituals

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This peculiar combination came from a Days Inn in Hays, KS, and tasted really nice on their water, so I brought a bag home to try as well. Rituals Teas in general seem to perform above most food-service offerings, and this was no exception.

The type made me curious, because I've never seen orange and jasmine paired together as a green-tea flavoring. Believe it or not, that can work well. The weakest stage of the experience was the dry-bag aroma, followed by the smell in-cup. Both were exactly as advertised, but mild. However, the flavorings came out remarkably balanced and reasonably strong on both ends, but didn't overpower the base green tea. In fact, the fruit and jasmine took a back seat to the green tea taste in the aftertaste, giving me a full-circle experience each sip. This was rather impressive, especially for what seemed to be a random flavor of an off-brand bagged tea. Now I'd love to try the orange and jasmine pairing for a high-quality loose tea, if such a product exists!

As with most food-service teas, this is hard to rate on value, since one usually acquires it as a small perk of a bundle of things, such as a hotel stay or attendance at a convention, or as standalone large charge for a cup of tea at a restaurant. Still, if you're a meeting organizer or hospitality specialist, you definitely could do worse than to include a bulk order of this among tea offerings for your clients. And if you're part of such an event and see this on the hot-beverage stand, grab some!

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