Tea: Tangerine Iced Tea

A Fruit Green Tea from Summer Breeze

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Tangerine Iced Tea
Brand:Summer Breeze
Style:Fruit Green Tea
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Review of Tangerine Iced Tea

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I had this in Saxby's coffee shop. It is not bad. In contrast to most citrus-flavored teas, the fruit is not overdone, and this tea has a bold green tea presence. I'm not sure what tea is used as the base tea, but it seems to resemble sencha, bancha or other steamed tea more than a Chinese pan-fire tea: the aroma has a bit of seaweed and is also slightly grassy. The tangerine blends very well with the tea...it comes out more as a lingering finish, rather than coming across as overly fruity. Pleasantly bitter and astringent, but with very little sourness--how I most like my tea.

This tea seems fairly strongly caffeinated, based on my experiences of drinking it.

Can't say anything about how to brew it because it was all done ahead of time, behind the counter, but I was happy with the outcome.

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