Tea: Floral Jasmine Green

A Jasmine Tea from T (Tealeaves.com)

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Brand:T (Tealeaves.com)
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of Floral Jasmine Green

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Exceptionally good. This is without a doubt the best Jasmine tea that I have ever tried from a tea bag, and in quality it exceeds many loose Jasmines I've tried.

Aroma is intensely floral, but purely pleasing...none of the overwhelming or harsh perfumey quality that some Jasmine can take on. The green tea also has a bold presence in the aroma, and imparts a pleasant bitter quality as well.

Brewed slightly longer than recommended. This tea is smooth, acquiring only a pleasant bitterness and little astringency. This tea is strong enough that one teabag could easily be made to brew two cups, and it's smooth enough that it could make a single strong cup, or be brewed longer to increase its strength.

Very expensive, however. Is it worth it? Maybe, although even given how good this tea is, it seems a bit crazy to spend that much money on tea bags when there is so much great loose tea out there.

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