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This is the first tea I've ever tried from Bangladesh, and I truly didn't know what to expect. I used about 1 teaspoon per cup and brewed for about 2 minutes. The result was a fairly dark cup of black tea which was fairly balanced and moderate in strength.

The aroma is rich and spicy, but I find it hard to describe. More like a Kenyan black tea than anything else I've tried, perhaps also a bit like a Ceylon or Vietnamese black tea. There's a hint of rice in the aroma, but most of it is deeper and more earthy. This tea is full-bodied, but only slightly tannic. I would not recommend brewing longer than 2 minutes though--I tried that, and it becomes too tannic. At 2 minutes it was still very smooth. There's almost a slight sweetness, suggestive of dried fruit.

I also tried this tea iced. I find I like it iced better than hot: the complexity of the aroma comes out more cold, for some reason.

I am excited to try more of Teatulia's teas.

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