Review of Breakfast Tea Loose Leaf (Bengal Breakfast)

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This tea immediately got my attention on the first sip. In my opinion, it is uniformly better than Teatulia's black tea in every way--there are few ways in which I would prefer that tea to this one. The only thing I found missing from this tea were some of the fruity tones in the aroma, but they were light and not particulary important anyway. I'd recommend not wasting your time with that tea--if you're going to drink black tea from Teatulia, go straight to this one.

The aroma is typical for a strong breakfast tea, not quite as malty as an Irish breakfast, more similar to an English breakfast. There's a fair amount of bite, a clean, crispness to the cup. Rich but without being heavy. Only somewhat tannic.

I recommend brewing 2 minutes, less if you want less astringency.

As with other teas from Teatulia, this one is pricey...but compare to a lot of other mainstream brands? The quality is up to par with many similarly-priced brands, especially comparing the sachets, and Teatulia's vision and practices, and the fact that the farm is run as a cooperative, gives this tea a unique value that in my opinion makes it well worth the extra dollar.

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