Review of Irish Breakfast Black Tea

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This is my favorite tea so far from the Boston Tea Company. Although Irish Breakfast isn't my favorite style of black tea, this is without a doubt my favorite Irish breakfast tea yet, and I find this particular blend to stand out among any kind of strong black tea.

The aroma is complex, powerful, and surprisingly floral given this tea's depth and strength. I don't know exactly what ratios were used in this blend, but I think the high-grown Ceylon tea dominates the aroma, and the malty character from the Assam is secondary.

The flavor is what I really love about this tea: it's bitter--very bitter--and yet there is almost no astringency. I love teas like this. Although the cup is a deep reddish brown color, it's not particularly tannic: it just has a clean bite, leaving a refreshing, clean quality in the mouth.

I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes strong black teas, particularly, people who want a tea that has a bit of a kick to it but without the heaviness or astringency that plagues many such teas.

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