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Intensely malty, with deep undertones of sweet dried fruit, giving way to a bitter and rather tannic aftertaste. Very powerful. Even if you use sparing amounts of leaf, this brews a very powerful cup.

I like this because it blends the deep, malty characteristics of an Assam with the fruitier aspects of a good Keemun.

My only complaint about this tea is that it was overly tannic. It could have been more bitter, while being less astringent. But I absolutely love the aroma profile. I wish I had more sample to experiment with brewing in different ways. I brewed for 3 and a half minutes, and I think I might have enjoyed this tea better with a briefer steeping time. But even as-is, it was a very good tea, easily my favorite Irish Breakfast that I've tried yet. I like the aroma more than Boston Tea Company's, which was my previous favorite of this style. That tea has a much cleaner finish though, and is not as astringent.

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Joseph wrote:
on May 6th, 2012

Sounds good enough to try. Thanks!

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