Review of Java Malabar Plantation Black Tea

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Thank you Marlena for sharing this one!

Aroma is unique, and hard to describe, very clean and cool, yet deep. A suggestion of wintergreen, like I've only ever encountered in Ceylon teas from the Uva region. I can see the licorice and grilled vegetables Marlena describes, as well. The aroma suggests savory qualities although there's not much of this in the flavor. Leaves a muted aftertaste in the mouth that I can only think to describe with the color grey.

I would not describe this tea as brisk. This tea, dark and rich as it is, is mostly aroma and has only a very subtle flavor. It has little bitterness and little crispness even. Exceptionally smooth, there are almost no tannic qualities. I find it very unusual to find teas with this sort of darker aroma profile that are so smooth and light in flavor..

I brewed as suggested: 3 minutes with boiling water.

Bottom line? Very interesting tea, and I don't think I would easily grow tired of this one. I'd have to be in the right mood for it, but I can see consuming this tea fairly often. And very reasonable price!

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