Review of Chocolate Puerh - Black Tea Blend

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The aroma of the dry tea bag is mostly of nutmeg, but upon brewing, more complexity develops. This tea brews a relatively light color, a sort of light orangish brown, much lighter than I'd expect for any tea bag blend containing a significant portion of Pu-erh. The aroma, upon brewing, is dominantly of cocoa, but it's an earthy, herbaceous cocoa quality, like cocoa shell mulch, rather than the familiar chocolatey aroma of powdered cocoa or a chocolate bar. Nutmeg is still very present in the aroma, and the Pu-erh takes a definite back burner, although it's still present in some rather strange dusty tones.

I don't like the Pu-erh used in this blend, but it does blend well with the other teas. Overall, this is a very strange tea. More like a masala chai than anything else, but really more of its own thing. I can enjoy it, but it's not what I'd choose to drink if left up to my own devices.

Very Pricey. I was able to brew this tea twice but the second infusion was a bit weak for my tastes, and I let it steep a long time.

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