Tea: Youthberry White Tea

A Fruit White Tea from Teavana

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Style:Fruit White Tea
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Review of Youthberry White Tea

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I tend to be highly impressed by Teavana's artful blends, but today was evidently not my day: I sampled this together with the Samurai Chai Mate and was disappointed with both.

The aroma and flavor profile of this tea are dominated by a tangy, sour fruit flavor and aroma that I suspect is some combination of the rose hips, hibiscus, and possibly the other fruit. I really do not notice any white tea presence at all: if I tasted this and you told me this was an herbal blend, I'd believe you.

Teavana's blends usually wow me but this one didn't seem any more exciting than what I could buy at a typical supermarket.

It was much too sour for me, not quite as sour as pure hibiscus, Celestial Seasonings' Zinger, or Tazo Passion, but inching up into that uncomfortable zone. I did not like it.

It's also insanely priced. Teavana always tends to be particularly pricey. With some of their blends, I think you get what you pay for, but this tea is highway robbery.

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