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Brand:Celestial Seasonings
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Are you a big fan of Candy Cane Lane? If so, you'll probably love this offering too. It's basically the same, but with one major and two minor changes to the ingredients list that don't modify the aroma or flavor much:
1. Caffeinated black tea (no type/origin specified) is subbed for CCL's decaf green,
2. A little more tea, a little less peppermint (so they swap places at the top of the list) and
3. No orange peel in Peppermint Peak (I don't notice the difference).

As with CCL, which I've been drinking with unfettered delight for many years, the dry-bag and slightly stronger in-cup and wet-bag aromas are a heavenly balance of creamy vanilla and mint, with some body from the carob. Taste-wise, I love this stuff nearly as much as CCL, for many of the same reasons. The black tea is more evident in flavor than in aromas. The tea definitely is not mostly a ballast or flavor-delivery vehicle like CCL's decaf green, but still subservient to the almost perfect, sweet, creamy-smooth mint-vanilla blend they use. When sweetened enough, it's candy in a cup.

Bottom line for me, Peppermint Peak is very nearly as wonderful as its older sibling. Even after one cup, I can tell it's going to be a mainstay in my cabinet for as long as it's made—essentially a caffeinated version of Candy Cane Lane for anytime but bedtime.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review