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Brand:Ketepa (Kenya Tea Packers)
Style:Black Tea
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This tea's info last updated: May. 17, 2017

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High quality Kenya tea.Enjoy Safari pure Tea’s rich aroma and full-bodied taste from Kenya;s undulating verdant highlands. Our leaves are handpicked from lush green tea fields, 7000 feet above sea level, where the generous rainfall and perfect climate cultivate Safari characteristically high quality, deeply satisfying flavour.

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Reviewer pic84 Aroma: 9/10 Flavor: 5/5 Value: 5/5
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I was excited when I saw this for sale at the Everest Indian Grocery Store in Lancaster, PA. I am a huge fan of the Fahari Ya tea from this same company, Ketepa; it's incredibly cheap and remarkably high quality.

This tea was very similar, I think perhaps a little bit better although it's hard to say, because my family had already drunk up all the Fahari Ya tea, and we did not have the opportunity to sample them back to back.

The first time I steeped this I used a teaspoon of leaf and brewed for a full three minutes, and it was extremely strong. I was in the mood for a robust cup of tea, so it hit the spot, but I think normally a 1-2 minute steep would be better. 1.5 minutes still produces a very strong cup.

The aroma is very complex, richly malty, strong toasty notes, and strong wintergreen quality. Moderately astringent, and the flavor is surprisingly sweet and savory, with only a light bitterness. Really exceptional for a tea in this price range, it was only $7.50 for 500 grams, well over a pound.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review

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