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Brand:Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd
Style:Black Tea
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This Ceylon/Assam blend is yet another in a long line of Murchie's teas paying tribute to British royalty in some way. According to the website: "Murchie's Balmoral Blend Tea was originally blended for York House School—a private school for girls which has been an institution in Vancouver for over 75 years. This blend is also a nod to Murchie's Scottish roots, as Balmoral Castle is the Queen’s official residence (palace) in Scotland, where John Murchie would deliver teas to Queen Victoria, before he came to Canada and founded Murchie’s in 1894."

So is it any good? That's what matters. Yes, it is. There's a minor catch, however. The dry-bag aroma from the newly opened packaging is astounding: clean, sharp, yet rich, befitting a fine Assam/Ceylon blend. It's so good that the taste doesn't *quite* live up, though the flavor still is very nice. To me, it tilts slightly more toward Assam in the mouth, but Ceylon in aftertaste and all aromas. I guess that means it's fairly balanced.

As with many Murchie's tea blends, Balmoral doesn't get overly bitter with some excess steeping, which could do us all some good here. A couple minutes isn't enough, leaving it somewhat thin for a tea containing Assam. This surprised me. However, soak the bag for 5 minutes, and it draws out the fullest flavor; beyond that, there's little if any bitterness penalty, but also little if any additional gain. If you're the forgetful, distracted type who sometimes leaves bags in too long, Balmoral is forgiving in that way.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review