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Reviewer pic51 Aroma: 6/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 2/5
(379 reviews) on

It's not hard to get peppermint tea right: just use properly grown and dried leaves and put enough in the bag to fill it when wet. They got the first part, and failed miserably on the second.

I've had a lot of peppermint teas, and the quality of the leaves they use stands with any of them, even with a few chopped stem pieces visible. There's just too little total product in each bag. If I brew up two bags at once, it has all I ask in a peppermint tea, with a crisp, clean and sweet flavor. The aroma is pleasant and somewhat sharp, both dry-bag and in-cup, but half what it could be. That's because it's literally half the tea it should be. This is useful more as a peppermint-flavoring bag for other teas, such as plain green or black tea.

I added a photo showing a 1/3-1/4 full *wet* bag. Why must TEViVE skimp so much on quantity? Yeah yeah, I's a cheap dollar-store tea, and they're packing half the product into each bag to portray a false impression of a bargain to gullible or hurried customers. Even if they sold twice as much tea per bag for $2 (with no extra packaging costs!), it nominally would be a good deal. But this sort of practice, even if the weight of the tea is given on the box, is deceptive. For that they get docked on value, despite the cheap up-front price.
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Reviewer pic78 Aroma: 9/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 3/5
(170 reviews) on

The weird thing about TEViVE teas is that the teabags contain half of the tea or herb or whatever of other brands. The flavored black teas each contain one gram of tea instead of two. The peppermint teabags contain .6 gram while my box of Stash teabags have a full gram. Whenever I make this, I use twice as many teabags as I otherwise would (I generally make a 16 ounce mug, so I use four teabags).

That said, the TEViVE product is quite good quality. The peppermint tastes fresh, clean, and slightly herbal with a good dose of menthol.

Since this brand is for sale at Dollar Tree stores, each box costs a dollar. Two boxes contains the same amount of peppermint as a single box of most grocery store brands and is still less expensive. Unfortunately, that comes with twice as much packaging which results in twice as much waste. That bothers me enough to cost a star.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 2 reviews