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Brand:Trader Joe's
Style:Darjeeling Green Tea
Region:Darjeeling, India

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Reviewer pic43 Aroma: 3/10 Flavor: 3/5 Value: 3/5
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Similarly to my review of TJ's Darjeeling white tea, I hope this isn't very representative of Darjeeling greens; for it lacks aroma and flavor. The dry-bag aroma is basically nil, with the in-cup scent only very faint. Only the wet bag has something resembling a smell I would associate with green tea, and it's still not particularly prominent. The taste isn't bad; it just isn't there, for the most part. It may be just a hair more noticeable than their Darjeeling white tea, which is nearly flavorless. What little taste I could draw from it reminded me of a *highly* diluted version of ordinary, mass-produced Chinese green tea in small bags.

Curiously, a little more flavor came alive in my second cup, after I coincidentally started eating a stick of smoked turkey jerky. So I tried a piece of salami, with similar effect. Maybe this is one of those teas that ordinarily is better with food, especially spiced, salty, heavily processed meats. [I almost can hear the new ad: "Today's top tea for turkey jerky!"] Even then, however, the flavor (while pleasant) still had no personality, and paled in comparison to most Chinese and Japanese green teas I've had—even the relatively cheap, mass-produced, bagged ones like Uncle Lee's. Hence, I advise getting the latter if you want very inexpensive, everyday green tea with more taste.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review