Tea Online: Tea Websites & Online Tea Resources

This page is a collection of websites and online resources relating to tea. Online stores and websites of tea companies are not listed here, but are listed under brands.

Online Communities & Interactive Websites

Also see Tea Review Blog and Teaviews below, both of which have discussion forums.

Group Blogs & Review Sites

Websites with multiple reviewers, but not open to public reviews:

Tea Blogs

RateTea maintains a twitter list of tea bloggers. Want to be added to this list? @message us on twitter (ratetea)! You can also find a lot of tea-related Tumblr blogs from our RateTea tumblr. We also have other lists.

Do you know of any valuable online tea resources that we've missed?

We welcome suggestions of new websites, online communities, and other resources to include in this list. If you know of any online tea resources that we have omitted, please contact us with your suggestions.