Making Tea Using a Microwave

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Last Updated: Oct. 31, 2013
A microwave oven
A microwave oven can be used to conveniently heat water for tea, but is often not the best method, for a variety of reasons.
A microwave oven is not the ideal way to heat water to make a cup of tea. Because each microwave is different, it is not possible to give universal instructions (in terms of power settings and time) needed to heat a certain amount of water to a certain temperature. There are also a number of safety concerns with the use of microwaves with tea, two of which are electrical arcs from metal staples in tea bags, or metal in tea infusers, and burns from superheated water.

However, sometimes, such as in a workplace, a microwave is the only available option for heating water. If you do choose to brew tea using a microwave, a few tips can make your experience safer and more enjoyable:

Tips for making tea using a microwave:

Microwaves are less energy efficient:

Both in the interest of sustainability, and keeping your electric bill down, it is worth thinking about the amount of energy used by different methods of heating water for tea. Scientific American published an interesting piece comparing the efficiency of stove vs. microwave for a cup of tea. They cite an analysis by Home Energy Magazine, which concluded that microwaves use 25% more than electric stoves. Gas stoves are even more efficient. So, if you are concerned about saving energy or keeping your electric bill down, use the stovetop to heat water for tea.

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