Tea and Sustainability

Wikipedia: Sustainability
Last Updated: Jan. 13, 2014
The Earth, photographed from space. Public domain photo.
Sustainability is a broad concept encompassing environmental and ecological issues as well as human rights issues and other humanistic questions. A practice is sustainable if it is beneficial for the environment, for people, and for communities, and can be practiced indefinitely without harm.

RateTea is committed to promoting sustainability, especially as it pertains to tea drinking and the tea industry. Although we want to provide accurate information on all important tea companies, it is our goal to highlight companies that are leaders in sustainability and are incorporating sustainability into their business practices and goals.

Facets of sustainability relevant to tea

Tea plantations in Nantou, Taiwan. Public Domain photo by Metamorfa Studio.

What can you do to promote sustainability?

You can do your part to promote sustainability by the following means:Some of these points are more important than others. For example, it may be more sustainable to buy a loose-leaf artisan tea that is not organic certified, than a box of organic and fair trade certified tea bags.

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