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Alwazah Tea (Swan Brand)

Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2021

About Alwazah Tea (Swan Brand)

Alwazah Tea, also known as Swan Brand, is a brand of Ceylon Tea founded in 1954 and owned by Sulaiman AlAbdulKarim & Bros. WLL. The company started as a local brand in Kuwait, and has since expanded to have an international distribution.

The main market for Alwazah tea is in the GCC countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The tea is also widely sold in the US, Australia, and Jordan. In the US, Alwazah tea is primarily sold in middle-eastern import stores.

The company's tea is supplied exclusively by Finlays, although Alwazah owns its own tea estates. The teas blended to produce Alwazah tea are grown on sloped areas in southern and southwestern Sri Lanka, and are specifically chosen and blended to suit the Arab palate.

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Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon

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Alex Zorach
(1448 reviews)
86 / 100
Picture of F.B.O.P. No. 1

F.B.O.P. No. 1

Style: Ceylon Black Tea – Region: Sri Lanka / Ceylon
Feb. 22nd, 2021

This was another fantastic find at a local middle-eastern store. I am already a huge fan of Ahmad and Alghazaleen teas, and this was another tea in the same genre, yet with some interesting differences from those. Of those teas, this one tasted most similar to Ahmad's Ceylon OPA, but I liked it better.

The dry leaf ...

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Heather Z.
(83 reviews)
93 / 100
Picture of F.B.O.P. No. 1

F.B.O.P. No. 1

Style: Ceylon Black Tea – Region: Sri Lanka / Ceylon
Feb. 21st, 2021

This is a wonderful classic cup of tea to enjoy in the mornings. It is smooth and easy to drink and it is thick bodied and flavorful without being too strong. The smell is like a normal tea. The value is what does it for me and why it is such a great tea to drink every morning, it is so cheap!

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F.B.O.P. No. 1

Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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