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Connemara Kitchen

Last Updated: Jul. 5, 2017

About Connemara Kitchen

The Connemara Kitchen is a brand of food products, including a line of Irish Teas. The brand is owned by JC Walsh & Sons, a company based in Dublin that also runs the Connemara Marble online shop.

Connemara Kitchen's teas are available in leabags and loose-leaf, and sold in vintage-style tins, and are available through Carrolls Irish Gifts, Amazon and a few other retailers, but are not currently sold through Connemara's official website. It is not clear whether or not Carrolls Irish Gifts, a Dublin-based company, is affiliated with the company that owns the brand or not.

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Picture of Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea

Style:Irish Breakfast
Picture of Pure Green Tea

Pure Green Tea

Style:Green Tea

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Tchuggin' Okie
(386 reviews)
83 / 100
Picture of Irish Afternoon Tea

Irish Afternoon Tea

Style: Black Tea – Region: ?????
Dec. 12th, 2016

My daughter originally brought a tin of this tea back from her visit to Ireland, as a gift to my wife, and my wife was instantly hooked. She just craves this tea. After trying some I see why. It's her favorite Irish tea, and mine as well (with Murchie's being a close second). In fact, I'd drink more than the few ba...

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Picture of Irish Afternoon Tea

Irish Afternoon Tea

Style:Black Tea
1 Rating

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