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Mendo Mate – CLOSED

Last Updated: Jan. 23, 2018

About Mendo Mate

Mendo Mate was a brand of yerba mate. The name "Mendo Mate" refers to the fact that the company was located in Mendocino county, California. Mendo Mate's yerba mate was organic and fair trade certified, and is not smoked. It is available in loose-leaf form, and also in tea bags.

Mendo Mate engaged in political activism as well, and used its website to publicize various world events, with its own perspective on these events.

The company has closed, with their website taken down and no sign on their social media of when or why they closed. The last posts on social media were from 2014, but these may have been automated. The last posts that did not seem automated were in November of 2013.

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The following is a complete listing of the 4 teas from Mendo Mate in our database.

Picture of Original Blend

Original Blend

Style:Yerba Maté
Picture of Adrenaline Blend

Adrenaline Blend

Style:Miscellaneous Blend
Picture of Big Wave Tea Bags

Big Wave Tea Bags

Style:Miscellaneous Blend
Picture of Island Blend

Island Blend

Style:Flavored Yerba Maté

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