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About Argentina

Tea Plantation near Guaraní and Oberá, Misiones, Argentina, © Geogast (Wikimedia Commons), CC BY 3.0.
Argentina is a country in South America. Argentina spans a large latitude, and its climate ranges from subpolar in the south to subtropical in the north. Its climate also varies according to its topography; in general the west of the country is bordered by mountains, and the east is flatter.

Although only a relatively small portion of Argentina is suitable for growing tea, Argentina is nevertheless one of the most important producers of tea worldwide. In 2008, the country was the 9th largest producer, although its output was only about 1.6% of the total world output.[1]

The tea is mostly grown in the northeastern part of the country, in Misiones and Corrientes; these areas have a warm subtropical climate with high rainfall, ideal for growing tea. The bordering Formosa province; in a strange connection, also grows tea. Formosa is very close to the geographic antipode of Taiwan (on opposite sides of the globe), which is also referred to as "Formosa" in the tea world.

Gently arcing rows of tea plants under an overcast skyMap showing how northeast Argentina, where tea is grown, is very close to an Antipode of Taiwan. Photo by ST47 or Citynoise, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5
The teas produced in Argentina are mostly mass-produced teas used in blending; single-origin artisan teas from the region are virtually unavailable on the Western market. According to Tetley Tea, teas from this region tend to have a mild flavor and clear liquor, making them ideally suited to use in iced tea blends.[2]

Yerba mate production

Argentina also is an important producer of Yerba Maté. Like tea, Yerba mate grows best in the humid subtropical climates in the northeast of the country. Unlike tea, single-origin Mate from Argentina is widely available in the U.S. market, and is sold by a number of different brands. Mate also has a much longer history of cultivation and use in the region; it is native to the area, and was consumed traditionally by the indigenous people of Argentina.

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Styles of Tea Produced in Argentina

This is a selection, not an exhaustive listing, of the styles of tea most commonly produced in Argentina.

Best Argentine Teas

The notion of the "best" Argentine teas is subjective, because different people have different tastes. We present the most often-rated and highest-rated teas produced in Argentina, and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Most Often-Rated Teas

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Yerba Maté Shade Grown

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Style:Yerba Maté
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Compuesta con Hierbas

Style:Flavored Yerba Maté
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