Loose-leaf Gingerbread Black Tea from Teavana

Loose-leaf blend of black tea, cinnamon bark, cardamom seeds, and other spices and herbsView Full Resolution

This photo shows the loose-leaf of Teavana's Gingerbread black tea blend. The most conspicuous element of the blend, visually, is the cinnamon bark, cut in sections showing the distinctive curved shape of the rolled-up bark. If you look closely you can see quite a lot of rooibos, which is a main ingredient in this blend. Also boldly evident are green cardamom pods, and pieces of candied ginger and dried fruit, which includes not only apple but also red currants.

There is not a lot of black tea in the mix, which you can see visually, and which is why we classify this as a "miscellaneous blend" rather than a flavored black tea. Black tea actually appears sixth on the ingredient list, after cinnamon, rooibos, chickory root, candied ginger, and apple.

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Tea:Gingerbread Black Tea
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