Place Reviews: Local Tea Shops & Tea Houses

Friday, July 25th, 2014
A review of Algebra Tea House
You can now review local tea places on RateTea! We added a major new section to the site where you can list and review tea shops, other stores selling tea, and places you can order and drink tea, like a tea house or tea room.

If you take a peek at the navigation bar at the top, you'll see a new tab, Places, between Regions and Articles. This will take you to a list-and-browse page of places, currently broken down by state, and probably to be broken down into finer regions later as more places get added. We may also add a map for browsing once enough places are listed to make such a map useful.

Also, for companies that have their own brand that also has retail stores, like Adagio Teas (which recently opened a few of its own retail stores, bringing it into competition with Teavana), we list the physical locations on the page for the brand.

We currently have five separate categories:
We plan to add further categories as demand arises.

Screenshot of the new wishlist feature

Another Feature: Wishlists

In addition to the places and place reviews, we have also snuck a few other features in recently. One of these is the Wishlist feature, which was suggested by one of our new top reviewers, Sarsonator.

Whenever you are logged in, and you are viewing the page for a tea or a tea review, you can now add the tea to your wishlist. The wishlist functions like a list of favorites or bookmarks. It's a great way to save or note teas that you may want to look up or reference later.

You can view your own wishlist by going to your profile. You can also view other people's tea wishlists, from their profile, if they have added any teas to them.

Check these features out and let us know what you think!

We are continuously developing the site, refining the interface, and fixing bugs. Let us know if there are any ways we can further improve any of these features, or if there are any other major features you'd like us to add.