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Tea Shop - sells its own brand of tea

2500 Moreland Rd #2079
Willow Grove, PA 19090
(215) 657-5777


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This is the store that is infamous for its 2009 write-up in the consumerist, for some of the worst allegations of Teavana's pushy and unethical (possibly bordering on illegal) sales practices. Short of seeing Teavana issue a public apology taking responsibility for these awful practices, I can't in good faith give this store any less than 1 star out of five.

I've personally visited this store several times: it's actually the closest store to where I currently live. I haven't bought anything here, and I've made a deliberate effort to keep a distance from the sales reps, so I can neither verify nor contradict the experience of the original article with my own personal story. But I see that there are numerous Yelp reviews, including more recent ones, referencing rude and pushy behavior by salespeople.

Like any Teavana location, the store serves samples in store, and the samples are overly sweetened to my tastes, and don't really resemble what the teas actually taste like the way most people brew them (I've brewed a wide range of Teavana's teas, and had them served to me by a number of my friends).

And a brief comment about the tea itself: it's good quality, but overpriced, and especially with the pure teas (which is what I like), you can always find similar teas cheaper from another company. Read my reviews if you want more specific feedback.

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