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Rock City Cafe

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Cafe or Coffee Shop

316 Main St
Rockland, ME 04841
(207) 594-4123

Coffee-shop with attached used bookstore in rear. Serves loose-leaf tea from Metropolitan Tea Co.


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This is a wonderful coffee shop. I was pleased to discover that it serves loose-leaf tea too! It doesn't have a huge selection, but it has several black teas and some green and herbal offerings as well. The teas are loose-leaf, and are stored in glass jars in a dark section of the shop.

There is ample seating and I really like the atmosphere. There are big full-length glass windows overlooking the street.

I also had a cookie here and it was really good. They have quite a selection of baked goods, from simple things like cookies to fancier things like cakes and pies. Everything looked good and I wish I could come back to this place to have an opportunity to try more.

In the back of this coffee shop, somewhat of a separate business, is a cute little used bookstore. I also recommend checking it's a small space but is packed with books of remarkably high quality, and the books are in good shape and priced quite reasonably.

Basically this place is awesome and it makes me wish I could spend more time in Rockland!

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