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Socra Tea Detroit

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Tea Shop and Cafe - sells its own brand of tea

71 Garfield St Suite 50
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 833-7100

Loose-leaf tea shop with attached cafe, also sells teas online. Tables and bar constructed with reclaimed hardwood from deconstructed Detroit homes.


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I was lucky enough to be able to check out this great little cafe and tea shop on my most recent visit to Detroit.

Detroit, as a city, is a bit of a hot mess, or perhaps a cold mess, but the location here is about as good as you can get. It's actually within walking distance of things, and accessible by public transit? Cool beans. In the motor city, this is pretty great.

The cafe is located in the lower level of an attractive old building. It's spacious. The only downside is the sea of parking lots surrounding the building. This could be said of just about everything in Detroit though.

The space has been renovated in a way that I think makes it very attractive and appealing.

As for the tea itself, this place both serves and sells tea, and it has a decent selection, and the tea is properly stored in metal tins. Prices on loose tea aren't rock bottom but are decent -- forget DavidsTEA and shop here. We ordered tea to drink, and we sampled two caffeine-free rooibos blends, as well as a Chinese black tea and an Assam, and all were very good. My favorite was the Chinese black tea, which I thought pretty exceptional. The others were enjoyable.

This place also serves baked goods, and the ones we tried (buckwheat chocolate chip cookies, and a coconut chocolate browny) were really good.

I highly recommend this place, whether you're a tea enthusiast, or just looking for a chill cafe.

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