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Goalpara, Assam, India

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About Goalpara, Assam, India

Tea Plantations and Rice Paddy, Goalpara, India, Public domain photo by PP Yoonus (Wikimedia Commons)
Goalpara(গোৱালপাৰা in Assamese) is a district towards the western end of Assam. It is narrow and runs east-west along the south banks of the Brahmaputra river. The northwest of the province borders Dhubri, and east of that, Bongaigaon.

The district consists mostly of floodplains and lowland areas, and is bordered by Meghalaya, India, to the South, a state which contains most of the upland areas.

The district was included on India's list of "most backward districts" due to its poverty. A small amount of tea is grown here, but it is not generally available in the West as single-origin tea.

Styles of Tea Produced in Goalpara, Assam, India

This is a selection, not an exhaustive listing, of the styles of tea most commonly produced in Goalpara, Assam, India.