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A Yunnan Gold from Life in Teacup

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Brand:Life in Teacup
Style:Yunnan Gold
Region:Yunnan, China
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The initial aroma is malty and deep, typical for a Yunnan gold, but with more fruity qualities, especially of dried fruit. Upon drinking the cup, the aroma becomes more fruity and vegetal, sharing some of the wine-like qualities of a Keemun with some of the vegetal qualities of some Darjeeling, even Darjeeling oolong perhaps. But then the characteristic peppery quality emerges! It is particularly strong in this brew...this is definitely the pepperiest Yunnan I've sampled yet.

In spite of brewing a very dark brown color, this tea is very smooth. Only a hint of tannic qualities, and not much bitterness. The peppery quality definitely overwhelms any bitterness or tannic quality in the finish. The net effect though is that the tea comes out a bit muddled on the palate. However, these qualities only come out if you really pay attention to the tea. If you drink it more casually, it comes across more as a medium-bodied black tea.

This was an exceptionally interesting tea to try, but I would not make it a regular occurrence, although I can see it growing on me if I had more to try. Unfortunately the sample was rather small and I have yet to fully acquire a taste for this tea. My intuition tells me that I probably would acquire a taste, however.

Making multiple infusions with this tea is very interesting. It's possible to make a very long infusion and still have a lot of flavor left for the second infusion. The first long infusion draws out most of the tannic qualities, as well as some of the malty ones. The second cup, while it is still dark in color, has a gentle freshness to it, almost suggestive of the later infusions of some greener Taiwanese oolongs: very herbaceous, and the peppery quality persists. This tea can easily make three infusions even with long steepings.

I would say this is an extraordinarily interesting tea to try, however, if you have the opportunity to do so!

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