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This tea takes on a very different character depending on how much leaf you use and how you brew it. If you break it more weakly, is light, simple, and eminently pleasing, with a fresh, slightly vegetal aroma, and clean taste. Brewing it stronger, it takes on considerable bitterness and a very astringent aftertaste.

Aroma is dominantly of celery, parsely. Ever-so-slightly suggestive of vanilla. Very faint corn tones in the finish, but less than other bancha I've tried.

Good for multiple infusions, but only if you want a more delicate, aromatic cup.. I find that the astringency is the limiting factor in this tea; I normally like brewing green tea stronger but I think this one is better with less leaf or briefer infusions, to keep the astringency under control. I give this a high rating though because I like its overall qualities so much that it offsets my complaint about the astringency.

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