Review of St. John’s Wort Blues Away

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I picked a single teabag of this up...not enough to judge its antidepressant effects (supposedly it takes weeks to notice anything), but I was curious what it tasted like.

Brewing as instructed (10+ minutes) it produces a complex aroma of herbs, earth, licorice, and fennel. There are a lot of different ingredients and it's hard to pick them all out, but I definitely notice that the aroma is more complex than it is muddled.

Both rather bitter and rather sweet. Bitterness is not biting or crisp, but deeper, and strongly present in the aftertaste. Not much astringency. Slightly sour.

This wouldn't be my choice of tea to drink as a beverage, but it's really not that bad and I can see getting used to drinking it on a regular basis if I wanted the medicinal effects of the St. John's Wort.

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