Tea: Citrus Chamomile Herb Tea

A Chamomile Blend from Novus Tea

Picture of Citrus Chamomile Herb Tea
Brand:Novus Tea
Style:Chamomile Blend
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Citrus Chamomile Herb Tea

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Much lighter than a pure chamomile tea, the lemongrass is very noticeable. I'd say that this is more like a lemon herbal tea with a hint of chamomile than the other way around. There's a slight strangeness in the aroma, especially in the finish, it's almost a suggestion of mushrooms, hard to describe.

Good overall though. A bit too sour for me, but I have a strong preference for little to no sourness so most others will likely enjoy this blend more than me, and I still thought it was very enjoyable.

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