Tea: Golden Kenya GFBOP/TGFOP

A Black Tea from Upton Tea Imports

Picture of Golden Kenya GFBOP/TGFOP
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Golden Kenya GFBOP/TGFOP

8 of 105 of 55 of 583 of 100

Surprisingly interesting aroma of the dry leaf....fruity but in a way distinct from any other sort of black tea.

Brewed cup is very complex: initially malty and very fruity, with a strong fennel aroma. Not much bite up-front, but there is a strong but pleasing bitterness, and a very bold peppery finish like a Yunnan tea. There are also hints of rose in the aroma, like Upton describes.

Upton seems to have a knack for locating broken-leaf teas of exceptional quality, and this is a fine example of one. This is probably the most complex and interesting broken-leaf tea I've ever tried, other than Upton's now retired Himalayan BOP. Pricey for a broken-leaf, over twice some whole-leaf teas by weight, but this is truly a high-quality selection that can command a higher price.

I found Upton's brewing instructions, 3 minutes with boiling water, to be spot on, but if you find this tea to be a bit too bold, scaling back the time might be a good idea.

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