Tea: Lungching Green Tea

A Dragon Well (Long Jing) from Foojoy

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Style:Dragon Well (Long Jing)
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When seeing the price and packaging of these Foojoy teas, my initial impression was that they must be low quality at such a price point. Like my experience with Tenren, this initial impression has turned out to be wrong.

This Longjing is a fine representative of the style in a teabag. The tea brews to a golden color, and the aroma is a bit vegetal with hints of nuttiness and sweetness. The flavor of this tea is basically like that of a medium grade Longjing tea, quite smooth, round, complex, and flavorful, with a bit of nuttiness. The aftertaste includes a subtle sweetness. Overall, I am very happy with this tea.

Update #1: In another box of this tea, it seems the batch was not quite as fresh. Whereas in my first box, many leaves were significantly light green and produced a fresh and flavorful drink, the second box was nowhere near that quality. Instead, it was a bit bitter and astringent, without the same complexity, depth, and subtle sweetness.

Update #2: With another box of this tea, the quality is good again. I am assuming that the box in update #1 was a bit of a fluke. Still, my experience with Foojoy has shown me that occasionally a box will not have high quality. I have found this with their Classic Oolong tea. This may be due to shelf life, but I am not sure yet.

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